Text Analytics

Learn to Read Between the Lines

Sentimeter analyses text for more than just statistics

Reading for Meaning

Sentimeter offers Semantic analysis of all user-generated content across every channel you add as a data source for the application. That’s a fancy way of saying Sentimeter reads your users’ comments for meaning – not just numbers. Its smart algorithm can read the difference between complaints, praise, suggestions, or anything else your users say to you. Then it highlights it for your attention. It’s almost like having your very own letter-reader, with a digital twist that multiplies efficiency to scale.


Keep Up With Conversation, Not Content

Modern marketing produces and relies upon massive amounts of content. That doesn’t mean we can pay attention to it all. Overcome the information overload through Sentimeter’s intelligent text analytics tools that break content down into a manageable flow of conversation already analyzed to help your team get on top of the day’s messages right away. Respond authentically to your customers, hear what people are excited about and what’s bothering them, and finally start having two-way conversations with your customers.

Learn What People Say, Even When They Don’t Say It

Only 1 in 26 unhappy customers ever voices their dissatisfaction. But all of them matter, and all of them can make a difference to your bottom line.  Sentimeter’s text analytic tools instantly analyze responses to the gamified surveys that Sentimeter helps you make, and automatically calculate how likely a customer is to recommend your business to other people. Using principles of human psychology, Sentimeter also determines which customers are not as indifferent to your brand as they say they are and how you can earn their approval so they move from that point to becoming passionate brand advocates.

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