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Sentimeter helps your restaurant serve your customers better

Your Restaurant Needs Sentimeter to…

Figure out what’s working and what isn’t

Sentimeter lets you incorporate a restaurant feedback management system that removes friction in the feedback collection funnel so you can find out what diners like and what they don’t like–before they vote with their feet.

Digitize, analyze, revolutionize

Break away from the tedium of old-fashioned paper-based comments systems and bring your restaurant into the 21st century with a unified, loss-proof, and eco-friendly digital feedback system.

Built-in performance management

Let your best employees shine and identify poor performers with the built-in employee performance management that works through customer feedback.

Who Can Sentimeter Serve?

Fine Dining Restaurants

Provide restaurant patrons with a dining experience as rich as the culinary wonders you serve, by incorporating a sophisticated yet simple and effective and effective feedback management system.

Quick Serve Restaurants

Don't slow down the pace of restaurant just to collect comments: Sentimeter offers fast and easy feedback collection that's perfect for restaurants with rapid turnover and short waiting times.

Takeaways and Home-Delivery Based Kitchens

Customer feedback becomes even more important in settings where customer interaction is limited: use Sentimeter to make sure you're always in tune with the pulse of your customers and can leverage customer experience as a key competitive differentiator even when customers don't walk into your premises.


Sentimeter works wherever your customers are and that includes their online interactions with your restaurant, on social media, or via mobile feedback.

Sentimeter and Your Restaurant

A Flavor All Your Own

Sentimeter can be fully customized to reflect the theme of your restaurant, your unique business needs, and your brand personality.

Zoom In, Zoom Out

Sentimeter is designed for scalability and lets you zoom in on your customers’ feedback however you want: by outlet, region, country, or any demographic parameters you choose.

Reliable, Actionable Analytics

Sentimeter offers in-depth data analysis and evidence-based actionable tips for restaurants so the feedback you collect actually works for you.

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