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In today’s business world there is only one constant: whatever you’re doing right, there’s someone out there figuring out a way to do it too. Faster. Cheaper. Wrapped up in a shinier package. It’s tough staying competitive in the digital era. But there’s still one area of business where you can’t cut corners: customer experience.


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Connect with your top & bottom customers through NPS


Track your employees performance


Create a winning customer experience strategy


Craft a rewards program that actually works for your customers

Track Your Customer Experience Pulse

When it comes to technology, we’re stacked. Check out the tools we pack into one sleek solution

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Relationships, Not Hostage Situations

We fill the gaps in your customer experience strategy, reaching out to your customers at multiple touch points in your sales funnel and beyond.
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Data-Driven Transparency

Sentimeter tracks your customers throughout their journey to develop a segment of your loyal customers.
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Inclusive Feedback, Analysed by Experts

Sentimeter has a dedicated team of data wranglers and industry experts who analyze the data your company receives.
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Your Industry, Your Solution

Sentimeter offers full customization to tailor the software to not just your industry but also your business. Track what’s relevant to you, in the way it’s relevant to you.


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Choose Your Own Adventure

Sentimeter is a powerful CX solution that places expert insights, actionable analytics, and streamlined customer service processes at your fingertips to let anticipate arising needs and track customer mood as it changes.


What could you achieve if you knew exactly what your customers want?

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