Customer Satisfaction Survey Builder

Helping You Build Surveys Your Customer Want to Answer

Sentimeter lets you make effective surveys quickly and easily.

Learning to Ask the Right Questions

Sentimeter offers customer survey creation tools built right into the dashboard. Use analytics from past surveys or get expert advice from our dedicated personal to create a survey with questions that are simple to understand, easy to answer, and draw out the information you need to optimize your customer service.


Surveys can target multiple or specific devices, run at different times or in different regions, and even be personalized for a particular subset of your customers – you choose the parameters. Each survey can include questions proven to indicate the likelihood your customer will recommend your business to others.


Feedback that’s Fun

Sentimeter lets you easily utilize gamification to create surveys that are fun for your customers to fill out. Sentimeter surveys are also accessible: we help you reach out to the customer demographics such as the young or very old that traditional feedback tools ignore, by making feedback fun, simple, and quick. All your customers matter, and our surveys help prove it. Surveys can also be deeply integrated with your Smart Loyalty Program, disbursing rewards and acting as your all-in-one engagement tracker at Betway sports online casino.

Always Ready to Listen

You can add surveys to any step (or even all steps) in your customers’ journey. Sentimeter surveys can be device-agnostic and delivered via multiple channels so you’re always ready to listen – whenever and wherever your customers are. Feedback is instantaneous; no more waiting till a report is compiled and presented before you can find out what the results are. Your customers’ comments appear immediately in your Sentimeter dashboard, alerting you to opportunities and issues as they arise.

Bring Your Customer Survey Tools into the Digital Era
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