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Money management shouldn't be a headache

Sentimeter lets gives banks and finance firms the business intelligence they need to have happier customers

Your Bank Needs Sentimeter to…

Eliminate Painpoints in Your Customer Interactions

Sentimeter includes customer journey mapping tools that scan your customer journey for potential painpoints and give you actionable tips on removing them.

Train Your Employees to Deliver Better Service

Sentimeter’s realtime feedback tools can be used to train employees on best practices for happier customer outcomes and can be used for field-testing strategies to deal with irate customers.

Recession-proof Your Business

Banking and finance sector customers consistently cite customer service amongst their top three reasons for choosing a particular provider–this becomes especially true during difficult times such as recessions, when customers are already tense and do not want the process of availing financial services to add to that.

Where Does Sentimeter Work?

At Self-Service Counters

Sentimeter can be used to deliver digital instructions at self-service counters and integrate feedback forms into the instructions, so you can continually optimize guidelines while lightening the load off your bank officers.

At Officers’ Desks

Sentimeter forms are quick, easy, and offer multiple delivery modes so they can be an unobtrusive part of customers' interactions with your employees.

Phone Hotlines

Hotlines can get busy but that doesn't mean you have to subject customers to dead air or repetitive elevator music while they wait; maximize efficiency by incorporating interactive complaint lodging and feedback tools or incentives to keep customers interested, avoid boredom, and reduce perceived waiting time.


Business is digital now and banking is no exception. Sentimeter offers omnichannel support so you can bring customer interactions from multiple platforms into one dashboard.

Sentimeter and Your Bank

Secure Feedback

Sentimeter takes customer privacy and confidentiality very seriously. You can rest assured all feedback in collected securely and is available to your employees on a need-to-know basis with fine-grain permissions control and security failsafes to counter technological threats.

Specialist Solutions

Sentimeter lets you customize every aspect of your data collection and feedback forms so you ask the questions you need to know, instead of relying on cookie-cutter templates adapting from wildly different industries.

Accessible by Design

Sentimeter’s feedback tools are designed to reduce friction, not add another hassle to your customer experience. That’s why our forms are designed to be easy to use, whether your customers are kids opening their very first savings account or pensioners managing their retirement funds or busy professionals getting some banking done during their break.

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