Advanced Analytics

Get the Most Out of Your Data

Sentimeter gives advanced analytics tools to do more with your data

Keep Up with KPI’s

Your Key Performance Indicators don’t have to be the same as yours competitors’ and Sentimeter knows that. It lets you define your own KPI’s per campaign, outlet, region, or even employee. Get realtime KPI tracking and customizable reports of key metrics with Sentimeter’s advanced analytics suite. Sentimeter eases the burden by alerting you to new opportunities or potential problems that could keep you from meeting KPI’s so your team can hit the ground running as soon as you start getting data, instead of waiting till someone can finish analyzing it.


Drill Down, Drill Through

Sentimeter offers more than just static reports. Use dynamic visualization and detailed analyses to create drill-down reports that zoom in through complex data to reveal insights that you might have otherwise missed. Drill-through analytics reports give you new ways of looking at your data sets because analysis is as much about creativity as it is about logic. Teams can work together to understand the data Sentimeter collects in the ways that work best for each individual’s cognitive processes, performance goals, and mission needs. You can view reports by outlet, demographic, staff, or however you see fit. Need to compare reports? You can do thar right within the dashboard.

In-Depth Precision

Sentimeter is precise, accurate, and intuitive. It starts out with an intelligent algorithm that can analyze data in-depth using multiple parameters that you can define. Over time, its predictive analysis capabilities let it adapt to trends within your datasets. So Sentimeter can let you know whether you’re about repeat the same mistake twice, or when a missed opportunity arises again so this time you can be there to catch it.

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