Data Collection

Data Doesn't Have to Be Dull

Sentimeter does intelligent data collection, from every channel you own

Data Here, There, Everywhere

The digital revolution generates massive amounts of data. Sentimeter helps you keep up with it all. We offer omnichannel support, which means you can collect data from every channel your customers choose to interact with your company – online or offline. It’s all presented to you in  a unified and user-friendly dashboard so your team doesn’t waste time checking multiple sources. And our fully customizable data collection software can be tailored to fit your needs so you can collect the data you need, the way you need it. You don’t have to fit your business to generic analytics tools or forgo mission-critical information because your data collection software just wouldn’t support receiving it.


More Than Just Numbers

Sentimeter is more than just a tracker: the data it collects is intelligently sorted according to variables you choose so you can quickly sift through in-depth analytics to get the information that can help you make better business decisions. Fast, efficient, realtime reporting means your strategy doesn’t need to depend on end-of-the-month reviews and you can respond to things as they happen. Check

The Big Picture, in Microscopic Detail

You choose the data you want to collect. You choose how to collect it. And Sentimeter lets you scale it: whether you want a bird’s eye view of your entire organization or whether you want to zoom in on an average day’s work at a single outlet in a nationwide network, Sentimeter is your telescope onto the biggest – and the smallest – parts of your business empire. View data by region, country, location, demographics, services availed, even individual – the choice is yours.

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