Smart Alerts

Notifications Shouldn't Be Annoying

Sentimeter sends smart alerts you won’t want to mute

Fool-Proof Alerts Feed

Sentimeter is always on so you don’t have to be. When it spots a problem that needs your attention, it selects the best ways to reach you. Notifications can be sent to different devices at once or at pre-scheduled times; alerts can be optimized to each timeframe, device, and recipient. Multiple modes of delivery reduce chances that an issue will slip away unnoticed. Different types of alerts can be assigned different priorities so you can address those issues at the times when it makes the most sense. Wherever you go, you can be sure Sentimeter will keep you updated on the most important developments that impact your business.


Intelligent Triggers

Sentimeter Smart Alerts don’t just fire off randomly like social media notifications: you can set custom parameters to let it know what’s urgent and what can wait. You can also use Sentimeter’s text analytics tools to teach it to detect conversations that are more important to you so it can let you know about them whenever you’re ready to engage. Each alert is packed with actionable tips to solve problems or capitalize on opportunities using proven strategies from your own interaction history.

Tailored To Your Team

Unlike other tools that provide team communications, Sentimeter doesn’t send out the same notifications to everyone. It reaches out to team members whose responsibilities cover the subject of the alert. That means problems reach the focused attention of those who can solve them, instead of jamming up the communication stream of the entire team. What about problems with multiple aspects? Sentimeter fits right into your workflow by alerting team members to the aspect that is most relevant to their role. So your teams work together better, faster.

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