Customer Loyalty Programs

What's the ROI on Your Rewards Program?

Sentimeter helps you craft a rewards program that actually works.

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to reward your brand’s biggest advocates, and nudge stragglers into the direction you want. But they cost time, money, and human resources to make sure they’re helping achieve your relationship goals – not harming them. That’s where Sentimeter comes in.

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Develop strategically sound loyalty programs using detailed data evidence and expert advice from our dedicated personnel.


Launch a new program (or your changes to an existing one) in just a few clicks. Target all your customers or a specific subset you pick.


Get realtime feedback as customers interact with your program, customize offers as narrowly as you want (right down to the individual level), and incrementally optimize.

Why Do Customer Loyalty Programs Matter?

Customer loyalty is the kingmaker in any market, so it’s no surprise that 65% of companies have some form of loyalty program in place. But a much smaller percentage monitors these for effectiveness. The average consumer is only active in one-third to half of all the loyalty programs he or she is a member of – which means companies are losing real investments on maintaining these programs.


Is your loyalty program reaching the right people? Does your offer resonate with them? Are there other barriers holding people back from utilizing it? Are your customer retention efforts really working? Data is the answer, and Sentimeter has lots of it – and then some.

What’s So Great About Sentimeter’s Customer Loyalty Software?

Sentimeter collects rapid, detailed, and realtime data from your customers, letting you put together evidence-based marketing offers and immediately see their impact. It gives you a 360-degree picture of your clientele and calculates their NPS score on the fly so you always know who loves your brand, who doesn’t – and why. Because Sentimeter can adapt to the unique experience and attributes of each, it gives you an unprecedented level of control over the incentives you offer your customers, improving engagement and program completion. And because Sentimeter does the heavy lifting for you, you can do all this with a lean, mean, less resource-intensive team.

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