Customer Experience Strategy and Design

Design is what you build. Strategy is what you do with it.

Sentimeter’s Customer Experience Strategy & Design team makes sure you stand out from the crowd

If You Build It

If you build it, they will come: if only the rules of business were that simple. But they’re not. Design is the process of building something people want, and without it you don’t really have a business model–you just have luck. It doesn’t have to be something tangible: 97% of consumers state customer service is a “somewhat important” to “very important” part of their decision to choose a brand. Yet only a fraction of companies consider a memorable customer experience a key differentiator in their market.


The Business of Doing

Strategy is what you actually do, and there’s no amount of careful design that can compensate for a fundamentally flawed strategy. Think of it this way: you could have the world’s best chess set, but if you don’t know how to play the game, the next bright young kid who knows a thing or two can beat you at it using your own board and pieces. Our strategists help you cover your bases using consumer analytics from the Sentimeter app.

Putting it All Together

Sentimeter recruits top-caliber strategists and customer experience designers that are experts on your industry. They are given highly detailed customer data specific to your clients. This A-team of experts works together to come up with a strategy that is uniquely your own and deeply integrated with the core of your business, and also determine what such a strategy would look like in terms of customer experience. No man is an island. No business is either: our S & D division helps you create and execute holistic plans within the ethos of your brand.

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