Business Intelligence Can Build or Break an Empire

Sentimeter lets you build a better, smarter retail business

Your Retail Business Needs Sentimeter to…

Stock What Sells

Sentimeter gives you realtime feedback so you always know what customers like and what they wish you sold–so instead of duds hogging shelf space, you can get the products people really want to buy.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Retail is a tough business facing competition from other stores and the Internet; Sentimeter helps you stand out from the crowd by letting you personalize the shopping experience and win customer loyalty through memorable service.

Fuse Digital With Traditional

Sentimeter bridges the gap between your customers’ digital and offline experiences, letting you leverage each presence as an asset that adds to your bottom line.

Where Does Sentimeter Work?

Checkout Points

Sentimeter integrates into your preexisting checkout flow (customizable per department as well as the main checkout), making feedback fun, effortless, and an inherent part of the shopping experience.

Greeters and Helpers

Sentimeter empowers your store greeters and helpers with interactive tools to collect customer feedback, log complaints, and note product requests or suggestions on the go.

Promotional Displays, Kiosks, and Mobile Units

Get sharply focused, specific insights into the performance through customer feedback collected at promo diplays, kiosks, and mobile units deployed anywhere, any time.


Sentimeter’s omnichannel support helps retail businesses make effective use of their social media presence, letting them extend their reputation for stellar customer service into credibility in new markets.

Sentimeter and Your Retail Outlet

Smart stocking with trend analysis

Sentimeter packs trend analysis and predictive analytics into one powerful punch that makes sure you’re always ahead of the market when it comes to anticipating customer desires.

Personalized service

Give every outlet in your retail enterprise the local corner shop advantage with Sentimeter’s customer relationship management software that lets you personalize the customer experience as much as you want–with analytic insight down to the individual level.

Painpoint identification

Anticipate trouble before it holds up the entire queue, thanks to Sentimeter’s customer journey mapping tools that identify painpoints before they become an embarrassment.

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