Employee Engagement Management

Your Business is Only As Good as the employees that represent it

They’re the face of your company, the voice on the other end of the line, the team you rely on to get your products out the door and into customers’ hands – but are you listening to them?

Great customer service starts with a great team. Sentimeter gives you the tools you need to track your employees performance where it matters most: while serving customers. Get rid of ineffective and time-consuming performance appraisals. Let your employees take charge of their own performance through instant feedback and rich data.

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Tap into employee-customer interactions in real-time wherever they happen.


Remove the subjectivity and lack of transparency that plague traditional performance reviews.


Provide performance feedback instantly, using data-evidenced strategies to optimize team outcomes.

Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

According to a 2013 Gallup study, companies with an average of 9.3 engaged employees per disengaged employee experienced 147% higher Earnings Per Share versus their competition.

But employee engagement does more than just boost your earnings – It also leads to a 21% increase in productivity, 41% decrease in quality defects, 48% decrease in workplace accidents, and improved customer retentions.

And all you have to do is listen to the voice of your employees.

What Sets Sentimeter Apart from Other Employee Engagement Tools

Sentimeter collects detailed data that helps you pinpoint individual employee performance in a completely transparent customer-contextualized way. It eliminates the 52%-63% rating variability due to human bias that plagues traditional performance reviews, and lets you send truly personal feedback to specific employees.

Role-based reporting means feedback remains confidential and individual employees can track their own performance within the easy-to-use application, giving them the insights they need to take initiative.

And because Sentimeter scales to your needs, you can focus on performance at any level within your organization–from a small outlet in a new city to a nationwide or even regional chain.

Get the employee engagement software that's as unique as the teams you work with
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