Customer Data Mining

Dig into what makes your customers tick

Customer Data Mining fills the gaps in your strategy

Panel of Experts

Sentimeter offers customer data mining services to help you get the most out of your collected data. Whether you already have a research division within your customer service or marketing department, or whether you’re prefer to keep a lean team, our panel of experts help fill personnel needs on an SOS or mitigate experimenter blind spots in your pre-existing research teams. We work with a diverse group of researchers distinguished by their experience in your niche.


Your Research, Your Way

Once you’ve got a Sentimeter researching customer experience for you, you can determine the questions you need answered and any parameters you want particular investigation into–then leave the rest up to the best. Researchers will follow standard operating procedures to ensure the methodology they use yields the highest quality results; if you already have research guidelines in place, they will incorporate those. It’s like having your very own team of top data miners, but at a fraction of the time and training costs.


We know your customers’ privacy matters to you, which is why all our data mining programs are developed by experts with those concerns in mind

Reports Worth Reading

Collected data is subject to multiple analytics tests to check for significance and uncover opportunities for improvement. But the reports aren’t number salad: they are carefully prepared to be readable in a short amount of time, filled with rich visualizations to see your data in a whole new way, and cross-compatible with multiple devices. Whether you have formal boardroom meetings or whether you work as part of a remote team spread out all over the global, we make sure you always have the information you need to make the best decisions you can.

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