Data Analysis and Reporting

You've Worked Hard to Gather Data. It Should be Easy to Use.

Sentimeter puts powerful analytics and reporting tools at your fingertips

Elegant Ease

Easy, intuitive, fast: those three words sum up the user experience thinking behind the Sentimeter dashboard interface. The Sentimeter dashboard is the heart of the app and we’ve designed it to let you access information as simply as possible, as quickly as you need. The UI accommodates as much or as little data as you can throw at it, presenting a wealth of information in an accessible way. It elegantly scales to manage unexpected surges so your PR teams can do what they’re best at without worrying about crashing the system.


Make It Your Own

Change your Sentimeter dashboard however you want. It can be altered to fit your industry, your specific business goals, and your employee access level so each member in your team only sees what they need to. Its customizable qualitative & quantitative analytics suite empowers decision-makers to collect and analyze data that makes sense for their strategies, instead of fitting their ideas into a cookie-cutter set of tools.

Want to use Sentimeter as an employee performance tracker? Go ahead: give all employees access to their very own Sentimeter node that gives them personalized realtime feedback about their performance.

Role-Based Reporting

Sentimeter makes reporting a snap with its fast, realtime reports and exports tools that make it easy to quickly share developing trends with particular teams or individuals. Whether it’s a monthly report or an impromptu meeting, Sentimeter makes sure you’re never caught unprepared – and you never have to waste critical time or brain power on making charts and tables instead of decisions.

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