Customer Engagement Solutions

Are your customers zoning out?

Grab their attention with feedback tools that aren’t a yawn.

Routine can be the kiss of death to a relationship. Your customer relationship is no different. It’s easy to tune in, zone out, and forget all about the great product or service offered by a company when a shiny new competitor walks on to the scene. Don’t let that happen to your business: get Sentimeter to stay in touch with the pulse of your market and create data-backed strategies to boost engagement.

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Make sure you're listening to your customers with Sentimeter's omnichannel analytics--so you can check in with your customers wherever they are.


Use a wealth of data resources coupled with expert insight to develop customer strategies. Watch them in action through your Sentimeter dashboard and instantly modify them in response to realtime feedback.


Delight your customers through gamified, simple and quick feedback collection that makes it fun, easy, and rewarding to interact with your business.

Why Does Customer Engagement Matter?

According to a Gallup poll, fully engaged customers lead to a 23% boost to revenue that lasts (potentially) for the entire duration of their relationship – whether you’re their favorite restaurant or a bank they trust, you will always be their preferred choice.

Engaged customers tend to buy more, recommend more, give more constructive feedback, and support your company – yet only 1% of customers feel companies continue to meet their expectations over time.

What’s so great about Sentimeter’s Customer Engagement and Feedback Tools?

Sentimeter solves the age-old problem of dull surveys and bored, reluctant customers through something simple and enjoyable: gamification. We already know gamification works. Software giant SAP increased feedback by 96% and usage by 400% when they applied gamification to their stolid decade-old Community Network. But gamification also brings to you the voices of customers traditional feedback mechanisms routinely fail to include: the very young and very old, the time-poor or the differently-abled, for whom filling out a form may be too complicated or too time-consuming.

And because our data is instant, scalable, and offers microscopic detail, you can get immediate feedback to see how engaged your customers and actionable tips to improve that.

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