Customer Experience Management

Great Customer Experiences are a Strategy, Not a Shot in the Dark

Your brand has a promise to uphold. Is your customer experience living up to it?

The next great disruption in your industry is great customer service: the ability and motivation to aid, delight, and convert customers into. It doesn’t matter which industry: 78% of consumers will drop a purchase midway because of poor service. But service is difficult. You can’t bluff your way through it. Don’t leave customer experiences up to chance. Get your company the tools you need to build a winning strategy.

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Bring multi-channel data into a unified dashboard, where you can view it in as much detail as you want - including by unique customer ID. This means with each successive interaction, you can increasingly personalize the service individual customers receive.


Use data-based protocols and personalization to target pain points and anticipate bottlenecks in your service processes. Provide effective and timely solutions designed to convert delighted customers into loyal brand advocates.


Use your relationship history with customers to schedule follow-ups that are not a mere formality; use data and analytics gathered across multiple interactions, sorted to uncover multiple perspectives, along with expert advice to create a more frictionless buyer funnel.

Why Do Customer Experiences Matter?

Customer service has already become a key differentiator. 91% of buyers will not buy from a business again after a poor service experience.


Stop and ask yourself this right now: can you afford to alienate 91% of your customers? In a world where your brand needs every advantage it can get in order to stay relevant, do you really want to wait to give your competitors 91% of your market share?


It costs 6-7 times more to find new customers than keep old ones – and that’s before factoring in the cost of PR if your company develops a reputation for subpar service.

What Sets Sentimeter Apart from Other Customer Experience Management Solutions

Sentimeter fills the gaps in your customer service strategy, reaching out to your customers at multiple touch points in your sales funnel and beyond. Fitting seamlessly with your customers’ natural behavior, we offer them easier ways to reach out to you – and we offer you a complete end-to-end toolkit to provide them the level of service that’s part of your brand promise.


Because in business, as in life, it’s good to keep your word.

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