Customer Journey Mapping

Step into the Shoes of Your Ideal Customer

Sentimeter maps your customer’s journey from start to finish

360⁰ Funnels

The Sentimeter philosophy is about nurturing relationships. Data helps. Data is not a substitute for a relationship. That’s why Sentimeter offers customer journey mapping to help you plan and anticipate every step of your customers’ journey.


Our customer journey mapping tool starts working before a customer even steps into your place of business, using trends from your own datasets and any engagement a potential customer has with your brand across any channel – thanks to its omnichannel mapping support. After helping you onboard a new client, it tracks their progress through multiple channels right through till the end of the transaction.


Turbo-Fueled Follow-Ups

What happens after the purchase? Sentimeter’s customer journey maps take that into account. Sentimeter reminds your team to check in and maintain relationships to ensure customer satsifaction. Maintain a consistent level of communication with people who are happy with your brand, and be attuned to the problems of those who aren’t.


And when something does go wrong, Sentimeter helps you tackle issues by giving you insight into solutions that have worked for customers with similar problems or even solutions that have worked for this particular customer in the past. Pinpoint a customer’s location in the funnel and visualize a realtime history of their progress through that journey.

Predict Problems

Do your customer service reps feel more like firefighters sent in to douse the flames when things go wrong? Break out of the cycle by using Sentimeter’s customer journey maps to predict problems before they happen. Sentimeter uses your own data and its analysis of your customer journey map to pinpoint potential trouble spots and suggest ways to optimize them.

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