Sentiment Analysis

Get to the Heart of Your Customers' Problems

Go beyond data collection with sentiment analysis

Sentimeter is not a fancy data aggregator: its smart algorithm automatically analyses customer feedback for sentiments – the emotions hidden between the lines. You don’t need to dedicate human resources to figure out which customers are happy and which ones aren’t: Sentimeter finally makes it possible for enterprises to authentically listen to their customers, however varied, widespread and numerous.

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Collect multi-channel data into a unified dashboard, where you can view it by unique customer ID. Give your company the small business advantage of one-on-one interactions.


Scan incoming feedback for verbal and non-verbal (textual) cues that shed light on the psychological motivations of your customers.


Respond to your customers quickly and meaningfully, leading to superior customer service experiences based on a better insights about the sentiment cues in the feedback they left.

Why Does Sentiment Analysis Matter?

There are 500,000 new likes on Facebook per minute and 500 millions tweets sent out on Twitter per day. This is what the digital revolution looks like in numbers. The Internet is always on and to customers that means so is your business. At any given moment, how many people expect you to be listening?


A challenge of competing in modern markets is a mass of information that it is not humanly possible to keep up with–so leave it up to the Sentimeter robots.


Now you can use the sophisticated intelligence of Sentimeter to analyze content for meaning–not just numbers and text.

What Sets Sentimeter Apart from Other Sentiment Analysis Tools?

Sentimeter cuts through the content storm with its holistic, omnichannel support that unifies interactions per customer no matter where they happen throughout their customer journey. It provides an in-depth sentiment analysis of all that content so you can finally move past confusion to meaningful communication.

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