Customer service takes your business further

Sentimeter gives you the business intelligence your travel company needs to take flight

Your Travel Comapny Needs Sentimeter to…

Discover the Best Ways to Reach Customers

Use customer feedback to uncover new markets, and new ways to reach your customers; discover underutilized channels and get tips on improving them.

Build Better Relationships with Customers

Each customer is assigned a realtime Net Promoter Score based on their feedback and buying behavior; this score helps you spot the customers you can depend on for recommendations, and the customers that are on the cusp of becoming brand advocates.

Manage Loyalty Programs That Actually Work

Over a third to one half of loyalty program memberships go to waste unused; Sentimeter lets you manage smart loyalty programs with incentives customers actually appreciate.

Where Does Sentimeter Work?

On Your Premises

Sentimeter offers multiple delivery modes, making it perfect for incorporating into customer interactions at your place of business.

At Airport and Hotel Kiosks

Sending someone to meet your customers at the point of arrival or departure? Equip them with Sentimeter so they have ready access to anticipated issues, data-backed solutions, and a simple way to log feedback at a critical point in your customer journey.

On Tour

Need a way to collect feedback and keep track of customer experiences while they're on tour? Sentimeter has you covered with its easily portable, robust, offline feedback options.


Help your travel company capitalize on the increasing number of digital interactions through Sentimeter's omnichannel support: one dashboard, all your conversations--wherever they happen.

Sentimeter and Your Travel Company

Portable, Reliable

Travel takes you to strange, exciting places. Who keeps track of WiFi coverage when you’re having an adventure? That’s why Sentimeter offers reliable access and digital portability so you lose nothing, whichever corner of the world you and your customers find yourselves in. (Service currently limited to planet Earth!)

Fast and Easy Feedback

Sentimeter’s gamified surveys are fun, but not as fun as visiting a hidden wonder, venturing into the great outdoors, or experiencing a completely different culture–so we keep them short and quick.

Designed for Efficiency

Sentimeter aims to let you build a better business through customer service and continual optimization. That’s why it is a scalable solution that provides you realtime data and insights 24/7 so you can optimize your business for a better customer experience, as it happens.

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