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Our full-service options do more than give you the right tools: they get you the best results.

Sentimeter includes powerful research tools right out of the box, but our Advanced Market Research service connect your business to top researchers who can wield them for maximum benefit. Your research team works solely on your project, in line with applicable ethical regulations and your own research guidelines. It’s like having your own team, but without the need to manage them every step of the way.

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The most important business intelligence you can access is your own market data. Learn how Sentimeter helps you dig into the data your customers generate, through feedback, research campaigns, and more, in order to derive key insights that can give you a competitive advantage. Data is presented in an accessible way through data visualization and is fully compliant with privacy regulations.

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Consultancy Services

Get expert advice and fresh perspectives from Sentimeter’s brains-for-hire: seasoned professionals with an in-depth understanding of your niche. Sentimeter’s consultants offer a link between the business and research sides of an enterprise, with dedicated focus and measurable outcomes. Our consultants help bring it all together: from analyzing research outcomes to planning and implementing evidence-based changes to evaluating their results, consultants do the heavy lifting to ensure you get the maximum return on investment.

What do you do when you have world-class program management tools at your disposal? Leave them in the hands of world-class project management professionals. Sentimeter offers end-end program management with around-the-clock monitoring so you’re in the loop every step of the way. The end result? Successful projects, responsible management, none of the hassle.

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Strategy and design are the heart and mind of your customer experience management program. Sentimeter’s Strategy & Design service lets you go beyond tools, delivering a fully researched, carefully developed strategy paired with service design that’s optimized for performance.

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