Data Integration

Your Customers Are Not Numbers

Sentimeter integrates data into a complete picture of people, not statistics

People, Not Data Points

The Sentimeter philosophy is about nurturing relationships with people. Data helps. Data is not a substitute for a relationship. Each customer is assigned a unique customer ID. That counts as the start of your relationship even if they haven’t purchased anything from you yet. Acting as a CRM for customer experience management, Sentimeter brings you their interactions with your brand as they progress through their customer journey – from their first request for information to the follow-up after their purchase, it’s all there. The end result is richer, more well-rounded persona of your customers based on their actual interactions with you.


Data, Diversified

Sentimeter offers omnichannel support, letting you consolidate customer data from multiple channels. Whether it’s interacting with teenaged customers via the latest app du jour or getting feedback from a geriatric clientele, Sentimeter adapts to accommodate data from every source. Different teams within your organization have different needs too – Sentimeter lets them consolidate information as it makes sense for the particular project they are working on, extending the possibilities of what they can accomplish.

Bringing It Home

Boost efficiency and speed up your customer service processes by giving all your customer data a unified dashboard to live in. Unlock the potential of full-circle customer service by giving your team access to the information they need to try creative new approaches when interacting with customers, instead of spending resources checking every channel in an effort to keep up with who said what where. Customer data integration lets you look at your customers in a whole new way: as unique, multi-dimensional individuals and not just leads or sales figures.

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