Predictive Analytics Solutions

Trend Analysis When You Need It The Most: Before Something Happens

Peek into the future with predictive analytics

What decisions would you make if you could see into the future? Find out with Sentimeter’s predictive analytics that pick up long-term trends to predict future developments that are updated in real-time – so your team can hit the ground running before the competition even gets its boots on.

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Collect multi-channel data into a unified dashboard that's easy to use. Choose the depth of data collection and sorting to suit your business needs.


Thoroughly scan for trends across multiple variables and markets, filtered however you need.


Spot opportunities before they arise - and preempt emergencies before they turn into disasters.

Why Do Predictive Analytics Matter?

You can’t be an industry leader if you can’t stay several steps ahead of everyone, and you can’t stay several steps ahead if your information is old news by the time it reaches people who can act on it. Predictive analytics empower you with the knowledge you need to dominate your niche and anticipate customer mood before it becomes an issue.

But to make accurate predictions, you need supremely reliable information about the present–and that’s where Sentimeter’s real-time data collection and deep integration with your customer feedback channels really shines. Because predictions are no use if your oracle is outdated.

What’s So Great About Sentimeter’s Predictive Analytics?

Sentimeter works around the clock, monitoring every channel you have to spot trends before they make it to the business journals – or your complaints department. No more waiting till the quarterly results are in or the suggestions box emptied. Whether it’s a funky new way kids are using your products, or an unexpected event that’s nudged your company to the brink of a PR disaster, you can sleep easy knowing Sentimeter is on top of things – and will instantly alert you to new opportunities or the smallest signs of trouble.

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