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Sentimeter offers a hassle-free project management service


Have hypothesis, will experiment? Leave the execution of your research program in the hands of the pros: we’ve built the tools, developed the methodologies, and we have a team of experts with decades of in-depth, hard-won experience of project management suited to the market you want to target. Sentimeter can coordinate every part of your customer experience program or research project, from sourcing tools to finding talent to reaching out the appropriate subjects. Get the benefits without the added responsibility and diverted resources. Your company has other things to focus on, such as providing great service.



Sentimeter offers completely transparent, 24/7 monitoring of your projects–smart enough to please even the most data-hungry of executives, but simple and accessible enough to fit into their busy schedules. Keep up with what’s happening and offer realtime feedback on the process. Be appraised of  critical new findings as they happen so your own time to launch decreases and you can start seeing the benefits of your customer research program immediately, instead of waiting. Use the built-in communication tools to stay in touch with your Sentimeter and your in-house talent so everyone can be on the same page. It’s your project: you’re never out of touch.


Continuous monitoring allows continuous evaluation too. Sentimeter program management tools fit right into your team workflow, giving each member individualized access to the project and actionable tips to make it a success. Reporting is a snap with a full range of visualization tools. And the end result? An evaluation process that is effective, insightful, accessible, and an organic part of the project workflow instead of an afterthought.

Great communication, reliable tools, and people who know what they’re doing: these are the key ingredients behind Sentimeter’s project management success.

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