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Sentimeter lets your hospitality business leverage business intelligence to serve travelers better

Your Hotel Needs Sentimeter to…

Get Feedback Guests Enjoy Giving

Sentimeter provides fun, easy, and gamified feedback surveys that can be made accessible to accommodate guests with special needs.

Monitor customer experience quality, 24/7

Sentimeter is always on, monitoring guest experience through feedback at every point in their customer journey.

Resolve complaints faster, better

Sentimeter helps you pinpoint problems, use a guest’s feedback history to help your personalize solutions, and get started on them immediately.

Where Does Sentimeter Work?

At the Front Desk

Sentimeter can be installed in portable devices (such as tablets) or workstations at the front desk, or shared directly between your device and the guest's.

In Guests’ Rooms

Sentimeter is perfect for placement as a discrete device or a digital module specific to that room, easily accessible via the internet.

In Hotel Facilities

Each additional facility your hotel offers, including conference rooms, restaurants, and recreational facilities, can be equipped with their own Sentimeter devices or assigned their own web-accessible Sentimeter node.


Your hotel's customer interactions extend online and so does Sentimeter; the app integrates with social media to collect feedback through tweets, comments, and whatever else your customers share with you.

Sentimeter and Your Hotel

Unique to You

Sentimeter can be fully customized to reflect the particular needs and desired values of your hotel.


Sentimeter is designed for enterprise and gives you the ability to scale resources and analytics as needed, ranging in from as miniscule as a single room to as expansive as a global chain of hotels.

Staff Management

Sentimeter harnesses the power of guest feedback as an employee performance tracker and empowers each staff member with a realtime feedback system they can log in to check their own (and only their own, according to their permission level) performance.

Omnichannel Tracking

Sentimeter brings omnichannel support to hotels, unifying their customer experience across multiple online and offline touch points.

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